Executive Search

InHelm understands that the recruitment needs of organisation require understanding of the culture, quick turnaround time and high confidentiality. Our expertise lies in consistent methodology and a global approach to identify, develop and recruit talent at middle and senior management. With an excellent track record and access to over 70,000 candidates through our global customised database, we offer a distinct advantage in addressing our client's talent acquisition needs.

Our robust approach includes:


  • Organisation DNA, culture, achievements, objectives, and vision
  • Emerging industry/market trends
  • Subtle nuances of the industry and its key stakeholders
  • Impact on the business & organisation

Search Execution Process

  • Agreement Signoff
  • Best Candidate Fit and Competencies Desired
  • Finalising Search Dossier
  • Market & Candidate Research
  • Long Listing & Potential References

Shortlisting & Assessment

  • Personal Validation
  • Competency-based Assessment
  • Assessment of Performance & EQ
  • Assessment Report
  • Compensation Negotiation
  • Reference Checks


  • Offer Acceptance
  • On-board Support
  • Feedback (30-60-90 days)